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About us

Verd Volcanic was created in 2003 as an association of a number of small enterprises in the Garrotxa working in the field of environmental education.

Its main aim was to improve the quality of the services its members offer in the fields of environmental and cultural education, territorial assessment and formation via a conscious effort to stabilize its workforces and to provide in-service training to its employees and members.
Verd Volcànic also aims to work sustainably towards the conservation of the local environment and territory and promote the preservation of local natural and culture values.

The Verd Volcànic team comprises of professional historians, biologists, naturalists, teachers and educators with a common interest in environmental and cultural education in its broadest sense.


The association consist of five entities: Educart SL educational and cultural services, Escola de Natura de la Garrotxa, Sismic, Natura i Màgia and Walking Catalonia.



Verd Volcànic belongs to the local tourist board, Turisme Garrotxa, as an association for environmental education with representation on Turisme Garrotxa’s board of directors.


All members of Verd Volcànic belong to the group of official collaborators working in La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, and all have signed the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism.